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Thanks to us you will find the way through the jungle of employment within the protected labor market!

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What is it all about?

With the amendment of Act No. 435/2004 Coll. on Employment, we are dealing with the issue of employing disabled people with a division into protected and free labor market.

The Amendment provides support for both types of disabled people employers but under different conditions.

By the term free labor market is meant the employment of people in organizations and companies with fewer than 50% disabled people employees. In practise, these employers employ disabled people but they have no power to provide the „replacement benefits“ (provider of replacement benefits is a company with more than 50% disabled people or self-employed disabled people).

There are 2 active participants within protected labor market

These 2 groups may offer „replacement benefits“ if they meet the requirements specified by the Czech Labor Office. Their service is available on ChráněnéDí or MPSV.

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